Classes are taught by university lecturers and experts from the businesses partnering the program.

The program is taught entirely in English.

The program is divided in 2 periods:

  • 1st period: academic semester (September to February)
  • 2nd period: research internship (March to August)

Guidelines for Successful Completion of Master Program


Academic Semester 

Students are required to take 8 courses plus 1 language course as follows:

  •  8 courses among scientific courses or socio-economic issues
  •  1 language course (English or French as a Foreign Language)
  •  In addition, topical seminars : Seminars on topics of interest in renewable energies are mandatory

Choice of scientific courses among five thematic issues :

  • Photovoltaics
    - Photovolataics Solar Energy
    - Thin-Film Photovoltaics
    - Photovoltaic Technologies in Industry
    - Polymers for Photovoltaics
  • Energy Vectors and Storage
    - Renewable Generation of Electricity using the Thermal Cycle
    - Hydrogen and Energy: Production, Storage, Fuel Cells and Economic Issues
    - Batteries and Energy Storage
  • Energy Distribution Networks
    - Stochastic and Dynamic Optimization : adaptive Storage and Delivery of Renewable Energies
    - Power Electrical Engineering for Renewable Energies
    - Smart Grid for Renewable Energies
  • Wind and Hydropower
    - Fluid-structure couplings in offshore wind and marine energy
    - Wind Power
    - Fluvial and Maritime Resources for Renewable Energy
  • Miscelaneous
    Biomass and Bioenergy : Nature-based solutions to substitute fossile resources and address global change

    Socio-economic Issues:
    New Energies and New Markets. Project Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

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Second semester: Research Internship (March to August)

  • LaboratoireSecond semester is dedicated to a research internship in a public or private laboratory in France or abroad



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