Practical Information

Degree: French Master's from ParisTech
Field: Energy Science
Specialization: Renewable Energy Science & Technology
Language of instruction : English

Location :Campus

Ecole Polytechnique at the Palaiseau campus, around 20 kilometers outside Paris.
Getting there


You will receive all information after your admission about housing on the campus or around the campus.
Rent ranges from 300 to 50O euros per month (depending on financial support you may receive from the French government).

Visa procedure

You will receive all document and information you need after your admission.
The International Student Services Desk (BASIX) at Ecole polytechnique is in charge of:

  • compulsory health insurance  
  • compulsory liability insurance
  • immigration matters (when needed)

Health insurance

Subscribing to the French health insurance and liability insurance is mandatory, except for EU nationals provided with their personal European health insurance card. We strongly advise you to subscribe for a complementary health insurance.

  • French health insurance: €215 per year (rate applicable for the 2016-2017 school year)
  • Liability insurance: €16 euros per year
  • Complementary health insurance: depending on the contract chosen

Registration fees and tuitions fees

Registration fees:

You have to pay registration fees before your arrival : €256
(fees applicable for the 2016-2017 school year, subject to change)

Tuitions fees :

Certain candidates may be eligible for tuition fees as following :

  • 0K€ : Graduated from an institution of the Paris-Saclay University
  • 4K€: Graduated from an institution in the European Union (France included)
  • 6K€: Graduated from an institution outside the European Union


A dozen scholarships supported by :

Campus Life

Ecole polytechnique Life Campus


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fondation ParisTechEdf